My Favorite Bar...For Ending the Night

I'm not much of a dancer anymore, but get a few whiskey drinks in me and I'm out on the floor the second a Whitney Houston jam starts blaring over the speakers. (And usually my aching joints are just as painful as the hangover the next morning.) In my experience, nYne is the best place in town to get your groove on, and it's best enjoyed if you're in a large group of like-minded people and have already hit up three or four other places beforehand. I've only been to nYne on a weekday a few times (I'll cop to performing some Simple Minds during Wednesday night karaoke), but show up around 11 pm on a Saturday night, and the place is host to the craziest party in all of downtown. It attracts a diverse array of people — old, young, gay, straight. Most important, the music's excellent. Dance until you're sore and then Lyft home.

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About The Author

Nathan Weinbender is the Inlander's Music & Film editor. He is also a film critic for Spokane Public Radio, where he has co-hosted the weekly film review show Movies 101 since 2011.