This is a past event.

Neil Hamburger

“Why did God create herpes?” So begins a typical routine from Neil Hamburger, a gruff, perpetually disheveled comedian with Coke-bottle glasses and a greasy combover, whose material is blunt, sophomoric, confrontational and often in shockingly bad taste. And that’s exactly why it’s funny — because it’s so, well, unfunny. But he’s not a real comedian: Neil Hamburger is actually a character, created in the early ’90s by actor and musician Gregg Turkington, meaning his shows exist in the uncomfortable middle ground between stand-up and performance art. Turkington has gained a cult reputation for his mixture of bad puns and bottom-of-the-barrel vulgarity, which is designed to make you groan on your way to a laugh. Prepare yourself for the world’s filthiest dad jokes.

Neil Hamburger • Sat, June 17 at 8 pm • $15 • 17+ • The Bartlett • 228 W. Sprague • • 747-2174

— Nathan Weinbender