Neuropathy sufferers might have a new option for pain relief

Neuropathy sufferers might have a new option for pain relief
CBD oil just might be the answer for those with neuropathy.

Neuropathy is a recurring, painful condition resulting from nerve damage throughout the body, most commonly in the hands and feet. Unlike the central nervous system, the peripheral nervous system — where most nerves end — is not protected by similar barriers, which leaves the endings exposed to potential damage from bacteria and physical trauma.

Despite an extensive medical understanding of what causes the pain from this condition that affects millions of Americans a year, there are limited medication routes for many who suffer. Because of the drastic pain neuropathy often causes in the feet, sufferers are regularly prescribed pain relief in the form of an opioid prescription.

Yet, thanks to further testing on CBD oil, the non-psychoactive-marijuana medication may be an alternative that many longtime neuropathy patients can reach for. The benefits of CBD as an anti-inflammatory drug, pain relief provider and a neuroprotective make the drug an ideal candidate to replace drug cycles that can lead to other side effects or addiction.

Paul Armentano, deputy director of pro-marijuana legislative group NORML, told the Chicago Tribune that CBD oil research has remained consistent with "anecdotal reports of patients, many of whom are seeking a safer alternative to the use of deadly opioids."

Chronic inflammation is one of the most common sources for neuropathy-related pain, and those with the condition may want to look at regular application of CBD as a preventative measure against further damage. Similar to the aid CBD offers those with multiple sclerosis, the reduction of muscle spasms is another major need for many who live with neuropathy pain.

"There are so many benefits from this plant," naturopathic medical doctor Emily Davenport, of the Flagstaff Naturopathic Medical Facility, told Sedona Red Rock News. "That's what I say to my patients all the time, start with the CBD and if you need to open the door to THC... talk about the pros and cons there. There are medical reasons that THC would be used, but with CBD there are really no cons in my opinion."

Plus, the anti-depressant qualities of CBD can lessen some auxiliary issues brought on by the condition, such as mental fatigue and low mood. With the Food and Drug Administration's approval of CBD-based epilepsy medication Epidiolex, and the World Health Organization's finding of CBD as nonaddictive and beneficial, the drug may turn out to be an available option for all those seeking pain relief. ♦

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