New Spokane Valley bakery the Blissful Whisk aims to build community through a love of baked goods

New Spokane Valley bakery the Blissful Whisk aims to build community through a love of baked goods
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The Blissful Whisk's huckleberry-blueberry scone.

Tiffany Cable has an affinity for baking and a love for her community. When she put the two together, the Blissful Whisk was created.

Located in Spokane Valley, the bakery is a place for locals to come enjoy a pastry and each other's company.

"I want this place to feel like home," Cable says. "I want people to go back in time and take a minute to breathe, enjoy the pastries and think about home."

The bakery is filled with antique teacups, vintage appliances, a kids' play kitchen and homey decor to help customers feel as though they've been transported elsewhere.

Cable's love for homemaking, community and baking was sparked when her kids went off to college.

"I started sending them and all their friends care packages every month," she says. "I had just sold a business before that, and I wasn't sure what I wanted to do next so, [my kids] inspired me to go to pastry school, and I told myself that if I got through pastry school and I still loved it, I would open a bakery, and I did."

Cable is in the shop at 2:30 am every morning to begin preparing the day's goods, which change daily on a rotating basis.

As of this writing, the bakery was serving Danishes and turnovers in a variety of flavors (cherry, apple, lemon, raspberry and strawberry), scones, cinnamon rolls, croissants, eclairs and muffins, just to name some. The bakery also serves hot options such as avocado toast and croissant sandwiches.

The Blissful Whisk's bestselling items are its huckleberry-blueberry white chocolate chip scone ($3.50) and themed sugar cookies ($4).

"I started making sugar cookies for my kids when they were little and in school for every possible thing. My daughter was a cheerleader at [Central Valley] and she had to make baskets for the football and baseball teams and wrestlers. So, we did themed ones for that... In the area I'm known for my sugar cookies," Cable says.

She and her staff make many specialty pastries with unique flavors as well as traditional, old-fashioned baked goods. Cable's "brookies," ($2.50) a brownie with a chocolate chip or peanut butter chocolate chip cookie baked on top, are another bestseller.

The bakery also makes a few cakes ($15-$52) daily, some for the case, and a limited amount made to order.

I went into the shop around lunchtime and got a carrot cake muffin ($3), a sea salt chocolate chip cookie ($3) and a 12-ounce vanilla latte ($3.80). It was apparent in all the pastries that Cable puts a personal twist on her baked goods, and boy is it delicious.

The muffins are the perfect size for a meal, and are light and fluffy with a delicious crumble brown sugar topping. The cookies are perfectly soft and gooey on the inside with a dash of sea salt sprinkled on top.

Cable tries to locally source as many ingredients as she can. The bakery's house coffee is roasted by a newly launched, local mobile company, Ionic Coffee.

In the future, Cable hopes to expand her business by introducing an after school program for kids to learn how to bake, as well as monthly high tea service and a subscription service for care packages.

Her mission for the Blissful Whisk remains simple: Grow the community and share her love of baking.

She's off to a great start. ♦

The Blissful Whisk • 1612 N. Barker Rd., Spokane Valley • Open Mon-Fri 6 am-4 pm, Sat 6 am-1 pm • TheBlissfulWhiskSpokane • 242-3189

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