Nightlife- College Hangouts

by Leah Sottile

The Bulldog Tavern

1305 N. Hamilton St. * 487-6735

I owe a lot to the Bulldog -- as a matter of fact, I should probably hang my good-Catholic-college diploma there, somewhere between the jukebox and where the line for the women's bathroom starts. The Bulldog is just one of those joints. It's the dingy old place in the trifecta of Gonzaga bars where everyone knows your name (probably because they all go to GU), where the beer flows like wine and where binge drinking not only occurs -- it's encouraged (by the patrons, of course). Unlike the traditional Gonzaga bar across the way, the Bulldog is a college hangout reminiscent of days long gone. The Bulldog's a veritable toolbox for a memorable Friday night: free popcorn, booze, pool and foosball. (Did I mention booze?) It's where profs and students celebrate after those tiresome theses are bound and graded, where the "regulars" mix with the pretty young things and where many a college sweetheart is found through beer-encrusted goggles. Ahh, the days. Sigh.

Eagle's Pub

414 First St., Cheney * 235-6294

If you ever find yourself near a University, wondering where the popular hangout for the young-uns is, I'd say your best bet is usually to go with the one named after the school mascot. Eagle's Pub, formerly Showie's, is smack-dab in the middle of Eagle country, and on any given night is crowded with EWU's finest drinkers. Pool tables and bar games abound, with plenty of alcohol to keep them interesting. And if that isn't enough, Eagle's boasts a Mean Gene's Pizza oven, with personal pies of cheese and pepperoni served all through the evening hours. Sweet.

Jack and Dan's

1226 N. Hamilton St. * 487-6546

Yes, old friends, new friends, longtime Spokanites -- the Gonzaga mainstay has gotten a facelift, thanks to all those Gonzaga hanger-on-ers, basketball junkies and the tall boys themselves shelling out for brews weekend after weekend. Formerly a corridor-like Irish pub, Jack and Dan's has recently expanded into the pharmacy space on the corner of Hamilton and Sharp, and now it's a "bar & amp; grill."

The Pub Club

415 W. Sprague Ave. * 624-2582

What's the big deal with the Pub Club? Well, let me clue you in on a little secret. Come in close now. It's a pub -- and it's also a club. Put it together, it's the Pub Club. Hooray! The place is as elementary as the name, but the college kids love it. They can get their drink on, get their groove on and get their hangover on -- all at one address!

Fast Eddie's

1 W. Spokane Falls Blvd. * 455-8752

This is a sure bet for finding the college kids; Fast Eddie's is a pit stop on many a 21-run, where birthday goers drunkenly spin the birthday wheel and come away with cash that they can apply to their bar tab. The downtown sports bar/college bar is a central spot for the local universities, so you're sure to see a mix of Eagles, 'Dogs, Pirates and Cougs on any given night.

Others Worth Checking Out

Talotti's 211; the Viking; the Coug in Pullman;

John's Alley in Moscow; the Blvd.

Publication date: 2/03/05

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