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Norman Rockwell's America

© 2019 National Museum of American Illustration, Newport, RI Photos courtesy American Illustrators Gallery, New York, NY
Norman Rockwell's "Bridge Game"
You might think you know Norman Rockwell — most Americans feel that way after his hundreds of Saturday Evening Post covers made their way into the country’s collective consciousness over the course of six decades. But there’s more to the man than those iconic scenes of Americana, and you’ll learn about him at the new show at the Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture. Norman Rockwell’s America collects all those covers, of course — 323 in all — but adds several oil paintings and original posters of Rockwell’s that show his more serious side, and how aware he was of some divisive issues in the country he spent much of his life depicting in its most desired state, rather than its most realistic.

Oct. 5-Jan. 12, 2020: Tue-Sun from 10 am-5 pm, third Thursday from 10 am-8 pm • $5-$10 admission • Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture • 2316 W. First • • 456-3931

— Dan Nailen

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