North Idaho legislator booted for tax fraud, most black Americans see Trump as racist, and other headlines

click to enlarge Snow falls around a lampost in the Kendall Yards area. - DANIEL WALTERS PHOTO
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Snow falls around a lampost in the Kendall Yards area.

NEWS: Google is holding workshops for small businesses and job seekers in Spokane on Jan 22.


Frozen Venison
How do you rescue a deer who falls through the ice? Very carefully. (Spokesman-Review)

Can I get a witness?

Russ Fulcher and Maria Cantwell both think the Senate should call new witnesses in the impeachment trial of Donald Trump. (Spokesman-Review)

Read my lips: Fraud on taxes

Shawn Vestal on the case of John Green, an Idaho legislator who was booted from the Legislature yesterday due to tax fraud. (Spokesman-Review)

Starr Wars
Kenneth Starr, the special prosecutor who helped get Clinton impeached for lying about sex, joins the team to defend Trump in the latest impeachment scandal. (New York Times)

There may, in fact, be a racist bone in his body
Eight in 10 black Americans describe Trump as a racist. (Washington Post)

More like Don't-little
isn't a very good movie, it turns out. (The Atlantic)

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