Republicans kill high-capacity magazine bill, don't worry about the coronavirus at Sacred Heart, and other headlines


ARTS: A classic ballet-hip-hop mashup.

FOOD: Even North Idaho has restaurants.

Actually, early access is good.


They Did the Monster Mash
A kid's room was remade to be super Monster Jammy. (Spokesman-Review)

click to enlarge U.S. AIR FORCE PHOTO
U.S. Air Force photo
The ol' 120-amendment trick
House Republicans manage to kill a high-capacity magazine bill by filing a metric ton of amendments. (Spokesman-Review)

My Corona... virus
You really don't have to worry about getting the coronavirus from Sacred Heart. (Spokesman-Review)

No Puppet. You're the Puppet

When Congress was briefed that Russia wants Trump re-elected, Trump was peeved.
(Washington Post)

Whatever happened to minority candidates in the Democratic primary?

At this point, even Republicans still had a Hispanic candidate left in the presidential race. (New York Times)

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