Best Of

North Idaho's Best Nightlife

by Mike Corrigan

Like something plucked from an old Chicago neighborhood and plopped randomly in Coeur d'Alene, CAPONE'S (the No. 1 bar and live music club in North Idaho, as far as our readers are concerned), is perfectly out of place. It sits in a corner lot on North Fourth Street secluded from the tourist-infested downtown. Part sports bar, part public house, Capone's is also a great music venue, consistently showcasing local talent as well as big-name national blues and jazz artists. And with 33 beer taps in constant rotation, each visit holds the promise of new experiences -- from local microbrews to hard to find international offerings. Decor-wise, it's a whimsical hodge-podge. Retired pull-tabs hang from the ceiling accompanied by a huge collection of baseball mitts and a Deadhead neon teddy bear dances above the stone fireplace. They're no slouches with the menu either. Just check out their pizza, replete with windy-city proportions of mozzarella.

Other high North Idaho vote-getters in the Nightlife category include:

Best Dance Club: Kelly's

Best Bowling Alley: Triple Play

Best Hot New Nightspot: Pirate's Cove

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