by THE INLANDER & r & & r & THE ALPS & r & & lt;BR & The award-winning MacGillivray-Freeman team (Everest) is back with this true story of John Harlin III, who wants to climb Eiger's North Face in the Swiss Alps. The twist is he's doing it 40 years after his dad died on that same climb. Spectacular scenery is an IMAX given, but a great story takes it all up a notch. (TSM) Not Rated


Steve Carell is about perfect as bumbling, over-enthusiastic spy Maxwell Smart (Agent 86), and all without copying Don Adams. Partnered with Agent 99 (Anne Hathaway), they must do battle against Siegfried (Terence Stamp), who's going for, you know, world domination, or at least blowing up L.A. The film has plenty of laughs, but an oddly high body count for a comedy. (ES) Rated PG-13


Ah, one of those superhero-as-drunken lout stories. Will Smith plays John Hancock, a man of unknown origins who can fly, beat up villains and bounce bullets off his chest. But he shouldn't fly when he drinks because a sloppy path of destruction usually results. Here's a film that starts off funny, and is loaded with fantastic visuals, but ends up becoming a rumination on family relations as well as public relations. An outrageous story, with unexpected plot turns and solid acting. (ES) Rated PG-13


Guillermo Del Toro reprises the writer/director role. The story -- about an indestructible goblin army that threatens to destroy humanity -- works well enough, but the real treats are the crackling dialogue, the performances by Ron Perlman and Jeffrey Tambor and Del Toro's virtuosic visual sense. Hellboy II has the best movie monsters I've seen in years, and most aren't computer-generated. (LB) Rated PG-13


This time, Indy goes up against Cold War-era Russians and their power-mad scientist leader (Cate Blanchett). Everyone's searching for the mythic crystal skulls of Peru, with guns firing, swords slashing and vehicles hurtling through jungles. Harrison Ford is not too old for the part and Shia LaBeouf doesn't overact. (ES) Rated PG-13


Robert Downey Jr. nails the role of his career, and the Marvel comic springs vibrantly to life with action and comedy in the story of a weapons maker who wants to change his life, right around the same time he develops a "heart problem" and invents a metal suit that lets him blow away the bad guys. (ES) Rated PG-13


Be careful, you'll poke your eye out. At least that's how you'll feel when objects come flying at you in this updated 3D version of the Jules Verne novel. A scientist (Brendan Fraser) and his nephew (Josh Hutcherson) go to Iceland to study volcanoes, hire a guide (Anita Briem), and fall down to the ... well, you know where. Acting and directing are sub-par, the story is kinda ridiculous, and many of the visual effects are hokey. (ES) Rated PG


If little girls can enjoy Harry Potter, little boys can enjoy the adventures of Kit Kittredge -- they might learn about perseverance, friendship, kindness and generosity. What starts out as a charming, semi-serious little adventure tale about spunky, nine-year-old Kit (Abigail Breslin), morphs gradually into sweet, practically Little Rascals-style comedy as Kit investigates the mystery of the "hobo crime spree" gripping Cincinnati. (MAJ) Rated G


The voices of Jack Black as an out-of-shape panda and Dustin Hoffman as his martial arts teacher anchor this dazzling tale about believing in yourself to make anything happen. Black's Po is (accidentally) chosen to become the powerful Dragon Warrior, just as the vicious leopard (Ian McShane) escapes from prison. (ES) Rated PG


The super-sized version of the super-sized bit of American history -- the crossing of the Rockies by Lewis & amp; Clark. National Geographic has its name on this one, and Jeff Bridges narrates. Not Rated at IMAX


Eddie Murphy is back doing multiple roles again, the namesake character, who is actually a robot or a ship or something that houses and is controlled by a ton of little aliens that look and act exactly like Eddie Murphy. We imagine their planet to be the kind of place that was a scream to visit 20 years ago but that has become less and less funny with each passing year until it's become, like Murphy's live action films, the kind of place where humor goes to die. (LB) Rated PG


Great, bloody, sprawling, but occasionally a little slow, director Sergei Bodrov's story of the early life of Genghis Khan is a lot of talking and not a ton of action, which is exactly the point. The infrequent, though slaughter-filled, battles punctuate a film of quiet grandeur, hinting at perhaps the key difference that allowed Genghis to conquer the world when others could not. He wasn't a warrior who hacked and slashed his way to emperor. He was a born leader. (LB) Rated R


The newest Pixar release jumps some 700 years into the future, offering a look at our garbage-strewn planet, a condition so out-of-control, humankind has left. Worker robots were put in place to clean things up, but they, too, left -- except for clunky little Wall-E, who continues the job. But when he's visited by robot probe Eve, his lonely existence makes him go gaga over her. Great storytelling, with very little dialogue, exquisite visuals, a solid sense of humor, and a dash of Hello, Dolly! Ideal for every age imaginable. (ES) Rated G


Wow! This is a thrill ride of a movie that is as smart and as surprising as it is visually stylish and viscerally electrifying. James McAvoy makes a dynamic transition from indie heartthrob to Hollywood action hero as a nebbishy cube dweller who discovers he's heir to a spot in an ancient order of mystical assassins -- they have super-fast reflexes, they can put English on a bullet, and they take orders from... well, you'll see: It's wonderfully audacious. (MAJ) Rated R


Adam Sandler's Zohan, an Israeli counterterrorism commando, goes up against his nemesis, a Palestinian terrorist known as the Phantom (John Turturro). Zohan has found some unexpected laughs in sending up the outrageousness of action movies. I can't honestly say that I loved Zohan, but I kinda got a kick out of this silly movie. (MAJ) Rated PG-13

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