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Odesza, Little People [SOLD OUT]

There’s no hotter electronic music act in the state of Washington than Odesza, and with good reason: The Seattle duo of Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight doesn’t craft the type of aggressively cheesy dubstep or gratingly repetitive trap that’s been a hallmark of the recent EDM boom. Odesza isn’t about building tension before letting the beat drop, but gently caressing the listener in a warm sonic blanket. The sunny and melodic chillwave sound found on 2012’s Summer’s Gone and last year’s In Return almost seems like a therapeutically relaxing alternative to the Skrillexes of the world. As a result, Odesza’s live shows (which now sell out on a regular basis) carry an air of jubilant celebration; it truly feels like a blissful dance party, rather than merely a throng of sweaty bodies piled on top of one another, throbbing to the same beats over and over.

— Seth Sommerfeld

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