On the Street

What is or has been your favorite pet?

Troy Downing

I love my dog Gizmo more than anything in the world. I've had him for five years, and he's 8 now. But I found him at a shelter after he had been rescued from being thrown into a field in the middle of nowhere.

Katie Waller

My favorite pet is my dog named Bubbles, she's a 6-month-old golden-doodle. She's really floppy and fuzzy — she looks like she has constant bed-head — and she loves to play in the sprinklers.

Jennifer Smelko

I have a dog named Reload and he is definitely my favorite pet. He loves to go hunting, jump off of cliffs, and seriously looks like he's a flying dog whenever he jumps or runs. Even though he is very adventurous and wild, he is so obedient and loves to see me.

Jennifer Hansen

I have two adorable bunnies. One is named Pepper and the other is named Lady Mallow of Marsh. They will lay on top of their hutch and sun bathe or sometimes they'll dig a big burrow in my yard and are just so much fun to watch.

Jeremy Hampsch

I do have a pet but I wouldn't say she's my favorite. We have a border collie who is probably a little too smart for her own good and can be really obnoxious. But the kids love her.

What does she do that's obnoxious?

She pees all over the house.

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