On the Street

What's the last thing you bought on Amazon?


So much stuff I buy. My last thing was a security camera and some comforters, bedding, daily products.

Why do you choose Amazon over a physical store?

Just because it's easy, and I like the free two-day shipping. I have kids, too. I'd rather not go shopping in stores, just have it delivered to the house.


Oh lord, it's almost daily for me. The last thing I bought on Amazon was probably L.O.L. Dolls and clothes for my granddaughter. Just because. A few times a week she points to what she wants and we get it for her. We're terrible.


A CD. I just ordered it yesterday. It was an Avatar CD for a friend of ours who is going to their concert, so we ordered [it] for him because he doesn't really know anything about them.

Why did you choose Amazon over a physical shop?

I'm an Amazon Prime member, and it was easiest. [I'm] from a small town in Montana. It would be hard to get the CD in our town.


I actually ordered a medical brace for my father yesterday.

Is that something you'd had trouble finding in town?

It is, where we're from, yes. Very hard. But [from Amazon] in two days he can have it. It was inexpensive, and it was exactly what we needed.


I don't order on Amazon. Technology and me just suck.

So you'd rather shop in person?

Yes, I do. Identity theft and all that crap, ya know? I just find it safer to do things in person than online.

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