On The Street

What would be your design for a pride parade float?


Probably something historical that showcased the people who made this event happen now. Sylvia Rivera, Marsha P. Johnson, even as far back as Magnus Hirschfield, the people who really started the movement.


I was on one a couple years ago. It was a marriage float, where a couple got married on the float, and I think that was very cool. There's very few with weddings, so I'd do a wedding float.


It would probably be something representative of the town. Something more Spokane, that ties everyone together. Either the pavilion or the river.

What exemplifies Spokane the most?

I think that you can drive pretty much 15 minutes and do an abundance of things, around this area. ... I think most of our community is pretty inclusive.


I would design a rainbow float, and I'm from Hawaii, so it would be a Rainbow Warriors theme.

Who are the Rainbow Warriors?

That was our football team for U of H. They used to be the Rainbow Warriors, they changed it to just the Warriors.


It would definitely be some dancing drag queens on there and some good music and maybe some balls going up in the air. I've never thought about it really.

Have you been to the parade before?

We helped out with the parade a couple years ago, we didn't have a float but we had a truck with girls dancing in it, blasting music.


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