On the Street

What retail is missing from Spokane?

Lorri Stonehocker: Trader Joe's in the Valley!

Jaxon Riley: A great independent shoe store!

Jocelyn Walters: A drive-in theater! Ditto Trader Joe's in the Valley and Cheesecake Factory, maybe a Popeye's not all the way over in Post Falls.

Ronn Compestine: Not sure it could survive but a great independent video store that sells and rents horror and boutique label blu-rays/DVDs/VHS. I have a friend in Tampa and they have a store there that is thriving

Rhonda Larson: Ladies plus-size retail clothing. No offense, but I'm sick and tired of Walmart, Target, ShopKo, ugly.

Selina Byrum: Baby supply store for cribs, strollers, mattresses, carriers, diaper bags, etc., all the goods in one spot. Lots of larger cities have them and we don't. We have stores that sell baby supplies, but no one-stop shop. These boutique baby stores are pretty popular and helpful.

Patricia O'Callaghan: Women's business and casual that's not cheap or trendy. Classic, solid pieces that are timeless, made for the 40+ but not dowty. European in style to include shoes, purses. Clean lines, straight forward, quality.

Jen Driggs: I work in catering for all the Davenport Hotels. The one question I get asked the most from out-of-town guests, "Where is there a grocery store?" So a grocery store in walking distance very close to all those downtown hotels would be good.

Rachel Rickard Key: Aldi and IKEA... and family-friendly/kid-friendly breweries and distillery places. ♦

Normally, we ask our question of the week of people we randomly encounter on the street. But with the coronavirus pandemic, we instead asked our followers on social media to share their thoughts.

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