On the Street

What horror movie scenario do you think you could survive?

Joseph Edwin Haeger: Me? My milquetoast ass is doomed no matter what the scenario is.

Danny Bush: Global pandemic leading to widespread panic and rioting. Oh wait.

Oriana Nitya: All of them. I was raised on horror

Jack O'Dea: It wouldn't be right now. I don't do well in dystopias.

Trevor Thompson: Child's Play. I've always wanted a chance to dropkick Chucky to the moon.

Felicia Diamond: The one where scientists warn the public against a danger and many don't take it seriously.

Kari Wood Cooksey: I'm surviving the most ridiculous horror movie ever. The setting is a bunch of sheep that believe everything that they see and hear and read and are scared to live.

Caya Berndt: Anything ghost-related. Spokane is haunted, anyone who lives here is pretty much an honorary professional at handling that stuff.

Blaise Barshaw: One where brains are needed over brawn... and guns. Guns mess every scenario up.

Elaine Fulton: My horror movie scenario I could survive is one in which people will read and understand more than two sentences of logic about how to stay home, mask-up and social distance during the coronavirus. ♦


Normally, we ask our question of the week of people we randomly encounter on the street. But with the coronavirus pandemic, we instead asked our followers on social media to share their thoughts.

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