On the Street

The first Trump-Biden debate is set for Sept. 29. If you could ask them one question, what would it be?

Steve St George: To Trump: "Do you believe the country would be better off if there were fewer restrictions on your power and authority?" Trump could not resist to answer in the affirmative and would undoubtedly add examples that would further reveal his corruption and moral vacuousness.

Joe Pekala: Disaster usually unites a country but we're more divided than ever in modern history. What will you do to unite us once again?

Ivan Brik: How do you bring the cost of medical and dental services down? Do not talk about insurance; talk about the actual costs.

Scott Suits: Well, since the media never does, I'd have to lob a tricky, difficult question at Biden. "Mr. Biden, sir, what time is it?"

Kate Brantley: This is a tough one because you can't count on Trump giving honest answers. In addition, he usually doesn't seem to know what he's saying with his word soup. With Biden, I would ask how we are going to begin fixing everything that Trump has dismantled.

Elizabeth Anne: Describe a time in your political career when you had to admit you made a mistake and how you course-corrected moving forward? I would ask this question because I think it's hard for everyone to admit when they have made a mistake, but humility makes for good leadership. You can't be a good leader without holding yourself accountable.

Lou Darst: What's your plan for Social Security and Medicare?

Michael Hacker: I can read your policy statements on your websites. So then... what is your favorite beer?

Gary Anthony Teale: To Mr. Biden: If you are elected, would you pardon Mr. Trump in order to promote healing in the country, or would you push for him to be investigated and prosecuted for the crimes he has allegedly committed?

David Lund: What is your favorite trait of your opponent? ♦

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