On the Street

How will you spend your $600 stimulus check?

Jason Shores: Pay bills and maybe not worry about money for a week. Let's be real $600 isn't much; I can't say I won't spend it, but it's hardly an amount that will do any kind of good. Glad to know the super rich will get more bailouts though.

Patrick Hayes: Find a good independent Subaru shop in Spokane, haul the Forester in on a trailer and get the transmission replaced with our checks. Tired of being trapped with no car.

Rebeccah Bare: Pay some medical bills and fix up some small projects around the house (we're a family so it's more than $600).

TA Cummings: Pay my electric bill so it doesn't get shut off. Still waiting on unemployment (week #25 of waiting).

Holly Robertson: On my medical bills from having COVID.

Naomi Hanvey: It's not a stimulus, it's a survival check. I'm going to spend it on groceries.

Shane Mabrey: It's going straight to mounting debt. The government won't put need on their credit card, so it goes on mine.

David Leeth: Donate it to the Democrat candidates in the Georgia Senate runoffs.

Chris Warren: Set it aside to pay federal income tax... A lot of people will be in for a surprise when they do their taxes next year, and the year after.

Shannon Orlando: Use it to buy toilet paper because it's not enough to do anything else with.

Josephine Keefe: Thank you kindly, elected officials of the United States government for this crumb of a stimulus check. Your generosity during these painful, dark, grief-filled times is indeed amazing to behold. Inspiring to think how quickly a bipartisan agreement was met during one of the darkest times since the Great Depression. Looking forward to bringing my electric bill up to current. ♦


Normally, we ask our question of the week of people we randomly encounter on the street. But with the coronavirus pandemic, we instead asked our followers on social media to share their thoughts.

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