On the Street

What's your favorite cold weather comfort food?

Kevin Egan: Grilled cheese with tomato soup. I don't know why dipping a crispy grilled cheese into a tomato soup that is usually too hot to eat is so wonderful and satisfying. Definitely because the flavors go well together. I also think it's an interactive experience that just makes it a bit fun.

Tucker Ybarra: Nyquil.

Susie Holznagel: Chicken vegetable soup and cinnamon rolls!

Megan Boileau: Definitely a good bowl of soup. I get excited when the temperature starts to drop. Just tastes relaxing.

Mike Kratzer: Chicken corn chowder with bacon and some homemade sourdough bread.

Mary Baker: Chicken parmesan with fettuccine alfredo on the side...YOLO amirite??

Patricia Lukenbill: Homemade beef alfredo or homemade macaroni and cheese with beef. Maybe some homemade stew? Do I really only get to pick one? I feel I could go on forever!

Matthew Weaver: Ice cream. #SomePeopleJustWantToWatchTheWorldBurn

Lorelei Plagman: Soup and more soup. Grilled cheese with tomato basil. And any beverage that opens my veins and helps the blood circulate so I'm not frozen (ie., alcohol).

Linda Peery: Had it tonight: meatloaf, potatoes, peas and gravy.

Bridget E C Freeman: In 2015, no power for eight days after the windstorm and ate Señor Froggie's veggie burrito. 2021, no power for two days and counting and ate Señor Froggie's veggie burrito. I guess we know what my comfort food is during really crappy times.

Derek Dobell: A large steaming bowl of pho.

Kathy Hannes Golden: Homemade turkey chili. ♦


Normally, we ask our question of the week of people we randomly encounter on the street. But with the coronavirus pandemic, we instead asked our followers on social media to share their thoughts.

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