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Have you dined on a heated, outdoor patio? If so, what was it like? If not, why?

On the Street
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Shelby Baldwin: Yes, but it wasn't great! Not sure I understand the point of outdoor dining? It's literally the same as being inside except it's cold. I'd say I was even closer to people because they're trying to shove lots of seating in a small area.

Anne Stuyvesant Whigham: I just tried one place this week. First time in a restaurant for many months and first time outside eating since August. I went with my daughter to support our restaurant industry. The food was great, but it took a long time... The heat was not sufficient for the room. But my main issue was that the tables were too close together for my comfort... I don't think I will try this again for a while.

Jessica Strode: We have eaten at several of the "outdoor" dining options over the past few weeks. Some places are able to keep their area warmer than others. But overall we have found the social distancing at each establishment on par, the service above average and the attitude of other patrons friendly and supportive.

Lauren Morrow: My family has been enjoying the outdoor dining experience. The places we've been to do have heaters, but it's still not even close to warm enough to take off your hat and coat. Bundle up, and don't choose a metal table!!

Julie Shepard-Hall: It was so cold the heater didn't help at all. I was frozen by the time I got home.

Stacey-Jeremy Winkle: Yes! Best kept secret in Spokane... I'll share though: Black Label, Peace Pie and Stella's have this amazing courtyard surrounded by beautiful tall brick walls to keep the wind out. They have overhead heaters at each table and a cozy fire pit.

Shannon Doyle Verity: We have dined outside a few times and don't mind it at all — we love the outdoors and it is kind of fun to enjoy the fresh air. Sure, it can be a little chilly but most places have heaters. I would choose the outdoors before the indoors! ♦


Normally, we ask our question of the week of people we randomly encounter on the street. But with the coronavirus pandemic, we instead asked our followers on social media to share their thoughts.

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