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Now that we've moved to Phase 2, do you plan to dine out?

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Charisma Naldrett: Yes, we love eating out, and I feel pretty safe doing so. There is lots of space required between us and other diners. I always wear a mask and take other precautions. I won't live in fear, and restaurants need our support. Takeout isn't cutting it for them.

Denece Goertzen: Unfortunately, no. I will not feel comfortable dining out until I am fully vaccinated. I have been trying to support local restaurants by ordering takeout as often as possible.

Erika Prins Simonds: I feel comfortable outdoors in a tent that has two full sides open, or indoors with a garage door open. Since it is a bit too cold for me to do that now, I'm ordering ungodly amounts of delivery and takeout.

Andrea LaPlant: Nope... I don't feel it's socially responsible to be dining out when the pandemic is still raging. When the weather is warmer and we can dine outdoors (and not in a tent), then we might, especially if we are vaccinated. In the meantime, we will continue to support local by ordering takeout.

Hadley Morrow: I've been supporting my local businesses through takeout. I'm probably spending more on average dining out than I did monthly pre-pandemic. I do want to support local businesses, and I'm grateful for the ones who have invested time in safe and simple takeout methods.

Laurel Henderson: No, not yet. We aren't eligible for vaccinations yet. We will continue getting takeout about once a week to support local restaurants. I look so forward to sitting down in a restaurant again and being served food. But that can wait. A little longer.

Jan Fries: I will be dining out on March 5, which is two weeks after my second shot, and the first day I am fully vaccinated. I can hardly wait!

Renee Beal: Absolutely! I will wear my mask, follow the mandates and wash my hands! Support our local businesses! ♦

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