On the Street

What do you think about people crossing state lines to take advantage of Idaho's lax pandemic regulations?

Bob Goertz: If you go from Washington, you should have to sign a waiver that you are on your own if you come down with the coronavirus. [It] may be your right, but it also should be your responsibility.

Carol Presho: I live in Coeur d'Alene and as far as I am concerned, I think the businesses here should embrace the business and extra money they are making and look at it as a great opportunity, and feel fortunate they are thriving while Washington businesses are sadly going under because of shutdowns. Any Coeur d'Alene business snubbing Washington residents coming over here and spending their money is completely ungrateful.

Amber Wheelock: Definitely discrimination. We all appreciate the funding of our small businesses, and all hate the poor behavior of some customers, but while they always have the right to turn away rude customers, turning them away due to their state address isn't right. Rude customers aren't native to any one state.

Nicole Colby Pauls: Discrimination, maybe, but your zip code isn't a protected class so it's legal. Apparently we aren't sending our best.

Pat Partovi: I think it's fine if people want to go. Kootenai County's numbers are going down and if it feels safe, why not? Many have COVID antibodies by now, and many others have been vaccinated.

Leann Swartz: They cross our border for our higher minimum wage and bring their maskless germs! Truth is, I couldn't care less. There are plenty of places open that want my money in both states.

Geri Gaddy: I think it's reckless to go to Idaho to avoid masking rules, but it's your choice. IDK if refusing Washington IDs is discrimination, but it seems like a dumb idea since the dollars are worth the same.

Pat Driscoll: I always figured a license of public accommodation required them to accommodate all the public. Not just some of the public. ♦


Normally, we ask our question of the week of people we randomly encounter on the street. But with the coronavirus pandemic, we instead asked our followers on social media to share their thoughts.

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