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If downtown Spokane gets a new stadium, what concerts or other events would you want to see there?

Brandon Warren: I'm for a stadium but not how they want to pay for it. Spokane desperately needs some culture and family activities. It's time for Millenials and Gen Z to wrench the control of the city from the old guard. W. Stacey Cowles' arrogant endorsement of Trump should have woken those two generations up.

Oshima Hannum: Such a great idea! I really hope it gets built! It'll bring more life to Spokane. Great revenue. And concerts would be so entertaining during the summer.

JD Leighty: Nothing that I couldn't see in the Spokane Arena, the Sportsplex, Joe Albi, Dwight Merkle, or the [First Interstate] Performing Arts Center.

Kris Martin: Let's not get carried away here, we clearly need more downtown car dealerships and flat parking lots.

Adam Gunnels: Probably some concerts and also, if we have a new stadium, it would be nice to have some other events, too. So, I would like to see concerts, sports and other events in a new stadium. Thank you for asking.

Jim McDonald: I wouldn't go there, and I would not be happy with what it does to parking. Put it out in a nice field somewhere with acres of parking.

Calvin J. H. Blum: Here's a crazy thought: What if we finished the north-south freeway, finished expanding I-90, and proved that we can keep up on maintaining our roads before we try to build something that can cripple traffic for miles?

Tony Lucas: None, we don't need it. We already have the Arena and the Knitting Factory for concerts and the new Podium for sports. WTF?!

Brandon Hollee: I would love some outdoor Chiefs hockey games!

Stephanie Jimenez: I find irony in building something like this in these times. Not to mention the fact that we voted against this. What a time to be alive. ♦


Normally, we ask our question of the week of people we randomly encounter on the street. But with the coronavirus pandemic, we instead asked our followers on social media to share their thoughts.

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