On the Street

What are your best and/or worst habits when it comes to environmentally conscious practices?

Briana Mullendore: Best habit is using reusable bags from grocery shopping. In 2019, I only used five plastic bags. Thankfully, I can and always recycle plastic bags. I use silicone reusable bags instead of plastic sandwich bags. Worst: Drive everywhere instead of using the bus. Sometimes I walk, but I need/want to walk more.

Charlotte Rogers Thacker: I'm conscientious about many things. But I don't use the bus, and that is truly to be ashamed of. However, the bad practice I'm continually reminded of is using paper towels. I rip off little 2x4 pieces and sometimes smaller if it will do the job, but I feel guilty each time anyway. If God had intended us to desecrate forests and pollute our waterways with paper towels, she would not have invented the dish rag.

Carrie Clark Hawkins: I try to recycle everything possible. I rinse, remove labels when possible, and separate, like the cardboard around some plastic containers. I wish that companies would make this easier. What I am not good at? Using reusable bags. I do try to reuse grocery bags, but not always the best at it.

Anna Beer: Best: Turning old stuff into new stuff, especially random trash into art projects. Worst: Using disposable diapers instead of cloth with our toddler.

Steve Peck: Best: Began using cloth shopping bags over 40 years ago. Worst: Buying anything in glass bottles knowing that very little glass gets recycled.

Brandon Warren: Best: I recycle. I also plant a pollinator garden. Worst: I take long showers. I do all of my thinking in the shower.

Bre Hatcher: Best: Always picking up extra trash when foraging, fishing or spending anytime in nature. Worst: Buying products with a bunch of packaging.

Tiffany Brown: Not my bad habit... My husband makes me crazy when recycling. He refuses to take the lid off whatever bottle or jar is to be recycled!! So I guess my habit is following behind him to take it off. ♦


Normally, we ask our question of the week of people we randomly encounter on the street. But with the coronavirus pandemic, we instead asked our followers on social media to share their thoughts.

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