On the Street

If Spokane were a character in a movie, who should play it?

Nicole Bishop: Jenna Fischer. She is a bigger-time celebrity with more of a small town/Scranton feel. And like Spokane, Jenna didn't really "take off" until a little later in her life. She also gets a bit overshadowed by her more popular co-stars,like Steve Carell, in the same way we get overshadowed by Seattle.

Michael Stanley: Arnie [Leonardo DiCaprio] from What's Eating Gilbert Grape.

Lucas McIntyre: Garret Dillahunt. Dude can be anything. You want a Russian mobster? Call Dillahunt. Hapless dad? Dillahunt. Jesus Christ? Somebody call Dillahunt. Spokane is the same way. Fabulous outdoor playground? Spokane. Gritty urban wasteland? Spokane. Bougie midsized city with a clique of villainesque old-money families pulling the strings? Spokane. We're a versatile, vaguely familiar character actor of a city.

Renei Yarrow: Clint Howard. Great small character in every one of his brother's films, and other roles. Never the star, but always there and memorable.

Sonja Mongar: Because of the strong sociopathic tendencies, Woody Harrelson in Natural Born Killers.

Joey Bryan: William H. Macy from Shameless.

Linda Asleson: Chuck Norris.

Caya Berndt: Nicolas Cage, and I say this with the greatest affection.

Tom Sanderson: Steve Buscemi would be a good Spokane. Kind of rough on the exterior but pretty talented and does some amazing stuff.

Paul Secrest: Dax Shepard. Often content to come across like a gross loser but also capable of being very warm and clever.

Allen Roedel: William H. Macy's [Shameless character] Frank Gallagher.

Darcy Hildebrand: Jim Nabors as in Gomer Pyle. ♦

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