On the Street

What’s the worst customer service interaction you’ve experienced?

Barbie Riva: Had a customer order one of our most popular hamburgers and they ate the whole thing and said it wasn’t very good. Asked why he didn’t care for it and he said “because I’m a vegetarian.”

Faith Ibbetson-Gilfillan: Not me but my best friend was working at Dairy Queen, and she had a lady order an ice-cream cake. Everything was done per the lady’s order, but when she came in to pick it up it wasn’t what she wanted. She had changed her mind on the colors and style and was mad that they couldn’t just change the cake, or give her a refund because she changed her mind. She was screaming profanities at my friend over it.

Valerie AVerybrady Rongey: During the winter of the 93 inches of snow, my receptionist quietly asked the person on the phone to hold so she could see what she could do to help her. She muted it and looked at the rest of us, and yelled out, “This woman is yelling at me because it is snowing on her street. Did we make it do that?” (We hire subcontractors for snow removal, and that year the city hired them all away.)

Mikayla Grant: I once had a lady accuse me of adding salt to her soup on my way to the table. She said it tasted just overwhelmingly salty, and I said “I’m sorry the kitchen makes it the same every day,” and so she said, “Did YOU pour salt into it on the way here ’cause that’s what it tastes like.” She was so rude. She made a big scene and then had to sit in our lobby to “Make sure she didn’t have a heart problem from all the salt.” It was ridiculous.

Mary Bly: I was waiting to pay for parking inside River Park Square; meanwhile the woman in front of me lays into the pay station attendant. The gal working the station was about 16, and this grown woman is harassing her about the price of parking at the mall going up about $3. The poor gal working didn’t know what to say or how to respond, so I stepped in and said, “It’s a bummer you have to pay more to park — hardly leaves money to fill up all those shopping bags you’re holding!” She quickly paid and left, Nordstrom bags and all.

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