Question of the Week

How do you plan to stay cool during these record-breaking high temps?

Every week, we ask our followers on social media to share their thoughts.
Every week, we ask our followers on social media to share their thoughts.

Maggie Brayton: We have a pool and are loading up on ice cream and food that doesn't require cooking.

Doolin Dalton: I will set up motion-activated misters inside and outside.

Kari Wood Cooksey: AC, baby.

Susan Smith Lindsey: I hope the city is setting up cooling centers. With school out and libraries closed, vulnerable children and elderly residents without air conditioning will need a place they can escape the dangerous temperatures.

Joseph Edwin Haeger: Heading to the Grand Canyon where it's supposed to be 82. See ya, suckerssssssssss!

Brie Edwards: A/C. It was installed three years ago in the house. It is a total game changer for summer.

Louis Morningstar: Awesome weather, I hope it lasts all summer long!

Michael Climu: Living in our pool, staying in the basement, and looking at real estate in Canada.

Brandon Warren: I'm going to jump in the lake naked.

Tom Sanderson: One does not plan to be cool... one just is.

Ian Nordstrom: Anyone have a summer house in Alaska they're not using right now?

Steve Cripe: Not do Ironman...

Jeremy Bergener: Day drinking.

Derrick Oliver: Swim in my neighbor's pool. Don't tell him. ♦

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