Question of the Week

What are your favorite Instagram accounts to follow?

Question of the Week
Every week, we ask our followers on social media to share their thoughts.

Amanda Howard Phillips: @Chipphillipsphoto Local landscape photographer, musician, adventurer, Renaissance man.

Renei Yarrow: @employeetears. Being a part of the corporate world, it's ALL relatable and funny and devastating. Laughter and tears.

Rachele Nichols: America's Test Kitchen (@testkitchen) They will never steer you wrong with any dish. Also the equipment corner, tips and tricks, and taste testing. It's a wonderful tool/reference for anyone who likes to cook, from novice to master chef.

Michael Vanderpool: @sasquatchbbq and @menwiththepot for great outdoor cooking videos. @pleasehatethesethings and @costanzagrams because they're hilarious.

Clare G Brown: The literal BEST millennial content: @justme.rod

Ginger Ewing: @siblingsordating @squidthegriff @cheapoldhouses @zillowgonewild @tunameltsmyheart @bldpwr and a shit ton of pug handles. Why? I like my Instagram feed to be slightly more geared toward things I'm interested in and/or that make me happy. I use Facebook as more of a platform to share information about work, an event, or discussing particular subject matters. Instagram still feels a bit more personal maybe? Substantive perhaps? I'm not sure, good question.

Carrie Ferguson: Shota (@chefshota) from Top Chef. Really happy for his success.

Carly Hall: @cheapoldhouses The name says it all.

Ian Nordstrom: @birdsarentreal It's high time we spread awareness on how all birds are actually government surveillance drones.

Wilma Gyswyt Flanagan: @the.botanical.alchemists

Lee Ann Mauk: @zillowgonewild Because who doesn't want a home with a potato shed? ♦

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