Question of the Week

Have you started masking up again?

Question of the Week
Every week, we ask our followers on social media to share their thoughts.

Heather Biggs: I'm pregnant, so I'm still wearing a mask. I probably would be regardless. Kids still can't be vaccinated and there are some who can't get the vaccine. I want them to be safe.

Karin Llyr: Yes. I wore a mask and was vaccinated and still contracted the virus. Day six of feeling miserable.

Jess Ponikvar: I'm mostly just staying away from my anti-vax friends. Which is easy because all of them listen to terrible music and have a hard time holding a conversation more than one level deep, so it's cool.

Wilma McMahon: I never stopped wearing it inside. Wear it at church and in any store. My grandson is too young to get the vaccine and wears his mask everywhere.

Mary Stover: My asthma hates masks, but the threat of the Delta variant is enough to willingly cope with a mask again. I'm definitely masking up in indoor public spaces.

Paul Brian Jacob: Was a faithful mask wearer until I got vaccinated, now forget it! There's now a vaccine for the vulnerable population; if they choose not to get vaccinated, that's their choice/risk, like in Idaho if you choose to ride a motorcycle without a helmet.

Deena Matthews: Yes, me and my family have and will continue with masks. All vaccinated except my grandbabies; not risking them on other's free rights.

James Fisher: I never stopped wearing it. I won't until this crap is over.

Alex Cox: No. I'm vaccinated. Let the great unwashed wear the masks of shame at work, or be fired. Let them have ICU beds at full price and go bankrupt. We owe them nothing.

Sheri Chin: I never stopped. I don't believe that all without a mask have been vaccinated. Our rates in the county are too low for that to be the case. Kept washing my hands and sanitizing, too. ♦

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