On the Street

Will you tip differently because of the minimum wage increase?

NICK GUIDA (Sandpoint, Idaho)

I wouldn't. To me, it's unrelated. I tip based on my bill, and my bill doesn't say how many guys are in the back or how much they're making.

ALEX SAMPICA (Spokane Valley)

No, I wouldn't. I tipped based on service.

What if your bill was more expensive with raised menu prices?

Now that I think about it, I do tip based on my bill sometimes. So 20 percent of what was once a $20 check may be more now, so it will definitely depend.

HOLLY BOSLEY (Gonzaga University)

No. I worked as a barista in the past, so I worked for tips. [Minimum wage employees] are still providing customer service, helping you out, handling your food, cutting your hair. They deserve a great tip, however much they're making.

STEPHANIE BROOKE (Shadle, Montana)

I believe people will continue to tip based on how much the food costs.

How will you tip?

I don't actually go out often, I haven't gone out to eat in three years.

Why not?

I just prefer to cook my own food.

ALINA HAROLDSEN (Spokane Valley)

Honestly, no. If [employees] do well, I tip more; if they don't, I decrease it. Though if I'm tight on money, I don't want to spend a lot. So I guess there are a lot of factors, but not really to do specifically with what the minimum wage is.

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