On the Street

How do you support the homeless community in Spokane?


If someone says they're hungry, I'll buy them something. Heck, I've eaten with them in the restaurant a few times.

How do you think Spokane could improve?

There doesn't seem to be a lot of help for people with mental health or drug problems; I feel like that's who I see a lot.


I mostly give to people asking on the street, whoever asks; I don't have a certain charity I give to.


We're homeless, and the community is a major source of help. Sometimes it's as simple as getting a Lunchable from someone; like, hey, I can trade this for a cigarette or something else.

How do you think Spokane could improve?

Availability, reliability, accessibility. There are cutoffs and curfews that people just can't make sometimes, and relief could be grouped together better, as far as location.


I donated blankets to the refugee effort through church, and toilet paper as well, through a local Boy Scouts drive. I know I don't like giving to panhandlers; I just don't know their story.


I think the biggest thing I do is I walk and talk to people. I think there's more to helping the homeless than money, food and shelter. I want to understand how they got there, and they often want to share their stories, too.

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