On the Street

How much further do you think the Zags are going to go in the NCAA championships?


I think they'll probably play the last game this week. I don't think they're going any farther than this.

So basically this Final Four is it?


What do you think the final score will be against South Carolina?

I don't think it'll be super high-scoring. No more than 73, either team.


Oh, they're going all the way. They're going all the way. South Carolina can't touch them.

What do you think the final score's gonna be against South Carolina?

Oh it's gonna be, like, 78-72. It's going to be a good game, but I feel like the Zags are gonna come out with it. [Przemek] Karnowski's gonna be down low and go to work.


I think they're gonna make it in the finals, that's what I said in my bracket.

Did you have them winning the whole thing?

Yeah, I have them winning against, I think, North Carolina, but everything else is messed up.


How far are they at right now?

They just made it to the Final Four.

See, I'm not really that much of a basketball person, but I think they're gonna make it pretty far. We have a pretty solid team so far. Honestly, I think I believe in our team, I think they could actually make it number one.


I think they'll win it, the whole thing.

What do you think the score's gonna be this Saturday against South Carolina?

Oh I'll predict 75 to 60.

Do you watch the Zags a lot?

I do, every game.

Do you have a favorite watching spot?

Home; I can turn it up as loud as I want.

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