On the Street

Do you prefer red wine or white wine, and why?


Red wine, definitely. To me, it's the true wine.

What do you look for in a wine?

Balance. I don't try to do the über-high-alcohol wines. With lower alcohol, it doesn't overpower everything else. The bigger-alcohol wines will actually taste "hot."


Red wine. I get more of the subtle intricacies between every glass, and I get the full body-ness of it. [It] tends to fit in more [with] what I've been eating as well.

What do you look for in a wine?

I like something a little darker and leathery; spicy, like pepper spice. I also love a wine that costs $15, but tastes like it's worth $40.


White. I like it dry, crisp, with a little bit of fruit.

What do you look for in a wine?

Price. I think there's a lot of great bottles out there that you can find for $10. I always try something different, at Nectar or at the store. Typically I like French wines.


Red. Most of them are mellow and full-bodied, so comfortable in a way.

Do you have a winery that you enjoy?

If I had my druthers, I'd pick Townshend.


Red. It used to be white, but I got burned out on white.

What do you look for in a wine?

Something new and different. I like Pinots usually.

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