On the Street

What makes a good music festival?


Obviously I'm just there for the lineup, but having the right type of food vendors, I think, also draws the right kind of people... If you have a good food truck or a specific kind of food, people who are not necessarily music fans will go for the food.


The bands, and how the people act. People can get too drunk and too rowdy.

Are you planning on going to any this summer?

Yeah. I haven't really had time to look because I've got kids to deal with. I want to go to Watershed. I love country music.


Well, what I get out of concerts is knowing the music. Being around other people who also share that; so it's a big shared community of shared music.

Do you plan on going to any this summer?

I don't have any tickets bought, but I have always wanted to go to the Gorge.


Interaction with the crowd. It is one of the things I like the most, because if they don't really pay attention to the crowd, those are your fans, and those people are going to be your future fans. You want to interact with them, and get them hyped up and feeling good about the music you're about to play.


The community. I think the genre. You would probably meet a lot of like-minded people if you're listening to the same kind of music.

Do you plan on going to any this summer?

I would love to. They are kind of expensive, though.

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