On the Street

Where do you go to eat to get the most bang for your buck?


For me personally, it would be Dick's. You can get their double, a milkshake and fries.

What do you consider a cheap eat?

I would say a cheap eat is when you can get full for under $6.


Costco food court.

What do you usually get there?

A slice of pizza or a hot dog because it can't be more than a $1.50. It's their corporate policy.


I'm going to tell you the best Chinese place to get a balanced diet, it's Panda Express. The other Chinese restaurants are too expensive and they sell you nothing but grain. They don't have any vegetables like Panda.

What do you consider a cheap eat?

If I owned a restaurant, I would have something for everyone, starting at $5.


I know Fuddruckers used to be right around here. I always go to the Olive Garden for their never-ending breadsticks.


I love Ferrante's on the South Hill.

What do you usually get there?

I usually get the penne pasta. It's really good.

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