On the Street

What do you like to drink during the summer?


I either tend to gravitate towards crisper white wines or usually lighter, more... citrus-flavored beers. I like stuff from Whistle Punk quite a bit. He has been making some really cool, European-style beers. Great for sipping on during the summer.


Everything. In particular, though, it comes down to beer and wine... I'm a wine drinker in particular, and I love Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio. We're regulars here, so when I come in, they don't even ask me what I want. They just hand me whatever's on the menu that's the new Pinot Grigio.


I like to drink white wine. Typically Sauvignon Blanc, because it's cold and refreshing. It's good for the summer.

Any recommendations?

White wine is very particular. Some people like sweet and some people don't, so no real recommendations other than coming to Nectar and drinking them.


I like to drink beer sours because they're refreshing. Beer goes great with summer.

Any recommendations?

It's hard to find them. They have a couple of sours here that are really good. We went to Waddell's yesterday, and they had a blackberry sour that was pretty good, too.


As far as beers, I like Corona and IPAs. On a hot day, a cold beer is really good.

Any recommendations?

Longboard [lager], and I like No-Li beers.

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