On the Street

Who do you think Spokane should have a statue of?


That is a really tough one... I would say, probably Martin Luther.

The religious figure?


Why's that?

I think he was really important, first of all, in practically everything, and then sort of a really important piece of our history.


Donald Trump. Because he's making America great again. And he's fantastic.

Has he done anything in particular that inspires you?

He just doesn't really care what people think about him, and he just does what he does anyway, and it's working for him.


I already have a statue that I've got designed for the children.

Really? What is it?

It's a contemporary angel, with a motorcycle at the base of it, with a female handing a baby child up to the angel, in dedication to the kids that have lost their life due to child abuse and acts of violence.


I think any outstanding American would be a great addition to the city, whether they're a rebel or not.

Is there anybody in general that you think is worth making a statue of?

I've always been really impressed with Dwight Eisenhower, Abraham Lincoln, and because he did his duty, Robert E. Lee. Even though he didn't want to, he did it.


When all that mess in Charlottesville came up, it occurred to me what we need is a statue of Martin Luther King, Jr. And I thought that'd make a statement that we don't subscribe to all of those racist theories and whatnot, and it'd make a profound statement that we support everything that he believed in, as far as equality.

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