On the Street

What's your favorite thing about autumn?


Well, that it's the gateway to winter, seasons changing, that kind of thing.

Are there any winter sports you are excited for?

I'm really excited for hockey season. I'm an Oilers fan, so I am really hoping they can go the distance this year.


I love the change in the air — instead of swimming and hiking, I'm huddling indoors, watching horror movies and eating crock-pot meals. It's a good time to sit and reflect on things, and the rain allows for lots of reading, too.


The kids like playing outside in the leaves, so you can never go wrong that way. The colors and the sunsets seem a lot more beautiful when it's cold out.


Um, the leaves changing colors, you know?

Is there anything special you do during fall?

Nah, I stay inside more. I gear up, and I put on my winter layers and stay inside.


It's a cliché white-girl response, but I love pumpkin spice lattes; also getting to dress up in layers, scarves and hats, fall fashion wear, I guess.

Any fall activities you're looking forward to?

My partner and I always get to go to the pumpkin patch this time of year, and that's always a fun tradition.

Interviews conducted by Jason Still.

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