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What is your impression of the #MeToo movement


I think it's very important for people's experiences to be taken as legitimate and it's very important to have these discussions. I mean, this has been going on forever. It's very important that we validate people — men and women's experiences — and have the conversations that need to be had.


I think it's really good. It's a good outlet for people because I think [for] people who maybe aren't comfortable enough to participate, it's still comforting for them to know that there's still thousands of people going through the same things.


I don't know. I guess I don't know why these things come out so many years later, like, why wasn't anything said when it happened? I know my daughter is going to know what to do if anything like that happened to her.


It's good for a lot of reasons. I mean it's sad to swipe on the news and every time you turn it on someone else is being accused of sexual assault — but I think it's really good that people are becoming more aware and it's becoming something people are talking about and being concerned with.


I think it's a good thing that this is getting acknowledged and dealt with and hopefully we can move forward and not have these problems swept under the carpet like they have been.

Interviews by Jason Still, Downtown Spokane, 12/8/17

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