On the Street

What would you do about America's gun violence?


I feel like I'd like to see stricter gun-control policies, but not too crazy, not totally repealing the Second Amendment, but just a little tighter control on things like assault weapons.


I think reasonable gun laws are important, such as background checks and making sure that people with violent criminal histories have a tougher time accessing, legally, weapons.

Do you think our country is still a long way from getting there?

Oh yeah, I don't think it will ever really get resolved, as far as the actual violence.


We need to ban guns in America. I'm really proud of what the kids in Parkland have been doing, standing up for what they believe in. I think it's up to our generation to create some regulation, so that these shootings don't keep happening.


On a larger scale, it's important for us to have restrictions in place for access to guns, because they are used often for a weapon of violence. And it might also be a recreational item for some people, but I would think people committed to that would want to make sure something they value would not necessarily be in the hands of someone doing a great deal of damage.


On a national level, I think we need to be stronger about it and understand why these are happening and where they are coming from. I truly think based at the very core of it all is we need to look better at mental health and better mental health training for people to have the support that they need.

3/28/2018, U-DISTRICT

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