On the Street

What is an environmentally friendly thing you should do, but don't?

Trisha Giles

Recycle plastic.

So, why not?

It's just inconvenient, not a habit.

Douglas Dick

I could take the bus to work more than I do.

So, why don't you?

A little bit of laziness on my part. The weather getting warmer would help a lot with that.

Brandon Ciulla

Probably recycle more, honestly. I'm bad about cans — mostly just give them to my roommate, so he takes care of those. So hopefully he's recycling them.

Kerry Bowers

I would say to eat less meat. Meat's the biggest contributor to environmental warming.

Jeremi Smith

Composting more. I do a lot of gardening and often throw away things that I should compost out of sheer laziness.

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