On the Street

If you could get paid to research anything, what would it be?

Danielle Palm

I really like the study of indigenous peoples — that's kind of my thing. When I was in undergrad, I minored in Native American studies, and when I went to grad school I focused on Native politics and my master's thesis was on a comparison between the Native American movement in the U.S. versus Canada. So I've always been fascinated with indigenous peoples.

Jennifer Rennard

I would be a gourmet food tester.
A what?
I would like to research good food... and enjoy it.

Dan Ostin

College tuition.
Why that topic?
The prices, too expensive.

Cade Cocke

Probably space technology.

Ben Samuelson

I'd probably research something related to physics and how the world works — understanding the principles of why things act in certain ways.
Why that topic?
Just because it's so practical to understand why a ball launches at a certain degree and lands in a certain spot.


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