All About the Benjamins Ice Cube plays a Miami bounty hunter hot on the trail of bail-skipper Mike Epps. There's a minor showdown of sorts at an abandoned warehouse, which turns out to be a hideout for diamond thieves. The bounty hunter and the bail-skipper, finding themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time, decide to join forces and catch the diamond crooks themselves. With Anthony Michael Hall. RATED: R

The Time Machine Guy Pearce roams around in both space and time looking totally lost, as if he's bored by this acting assignment. And if not for the visual effects (which actually stick out and get in the way), viewers would be pretty bored, too. The story barely resembles the H.G. Wells novel, and lacks the humor that made the original film sparkle. In the end, when villainous Jeremy Irons says to Pearce, "Now you have your answer," one can't do anything more than scratch one's head. What exactly was the question? (ES) RATED: PG-13

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Capsule reviews are written by Ed Symkus (ES) and Ray Pride (RP), unless otherwise noted.

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