Jason X -- Or, "In space, no one can hear you scream." It's now the year 2455 and a professor (David Cronenberg) takes his students on a space pod field trip of the abandoned Old Earth. While there, they discover a cryogenically frozen man wearing a hockey mask and -- as old Friday the 13th videos apparently don't last over time -- take him back to their spacecraft for further study. While there, Jason defrosts, finds a much cooler mask to wear, and spends the rest of the film stirring up trouble. RATED: R

Life or Something Like It -- Angelina Jolie cannot act, and her big, puffed-up lips are chapped all the way through this inane dramatic comedy about a TV reporter who finds out, during an interview with a homeless seer, that she only has a week or so to live. No one seems to care much about this except the cameraman (Edward Burns) with whom she once had a fling and with whom she now just trades unfunny barbs. Strained filmmaking, with loads of twists that make no sense, an embarrassing musical interlude and the sappiest of endings. (ES) Rated PG-13

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