Blood Work

Clint Eastwood plays an FBI profiler forced into early retirement by a massive heart attack. Two years later, a meeting with a stranger (Wanda de Jesus) causes him to look further into not only the circumstances surrounding his transplant and recovery, but also those related to the death of his donor. With Anjelica Huston. RATED: R

The Lady and the Duke

The true story of a royalist Englishwoman and her revolutionary ex-lover during the French Revolution. Grace Elliot (Lucy Russell) is a Scottish woman who left behind a memoir of life during the French Revolution. Artist Jean-Baptiste Marot painted intricate, meticulously researched backgrounds, into which the actors were keyed, while the interiors were filmed in a studio, with similar attention to detail, giving the film a surreal, fairytale-like atmosphere. (RP) RATED: PG-13 (At the Met Thursday, Aug. 8 and Friday, Aug. 9)

Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams

The gadgets are every bit as entertaining as the casting in this sequel, which this time pits Carmen (Alexa Vega) and Juni (Daryl Sabara) against a pair of archrival spy kids (Emily Osment and Matt O'Leary). Steve Buscemi plays the mad scientist keeping them all on his island of genetic experiments. Ricardo Montalban and Holland Taylor are the Spy Kids' grandparents. RATED: PG


The testosterone level for this one is even higher than last year's car race actioner from director Rob Cohen and actor Vin Diesel. This time, the new hot-shot action team gives us a story of a trouble-making extreme sports athlete who's grabbed by our government to do some dirty work in Europe. Explosions, bullets, and thrash music are the rule. Diesel is kind of wooden, but has the perfect persona for this kind of thing. No nudity, minimal swearing, lots of good ol' screen mayhem. (ES) RATED: PG-13

Y Tu Mama Tambien

Director Alfonso Cuaron's Y Tu Mama Tambien (And Your Mother, Too) is a road trip shared by best friends Julio (Gael Garcia Bernal, from Amores Perros) and Tenoch (Diego Luna). With their girlfriends off on European vacations, Julio and Tenoch imagine their summer will be filled with all sorts of colorful infidelities, convincing discontented Luisa (Maribel Verdu) -- the 28-year-old wife of Tenoch's cousin, who they met at a wedding -- to join them on their trip to an imaginary beach paradise. Already the biggest hit ever in Mexico, Y Tu Mama is the kind of sexually frank, hilarious but ever-so-serious comedy about adolescence we never get from big-business-financed American movies. (RP) Not Rated. (At the Met Monday, Aug. 12, Wednesday, Aug. 14 and Saturday, Aug. 17)

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