The Adventures of Pluto Nash

After sitting in the can for two years, Eddie Murphy's space odyssey is apparently finally ready to see the light of day. It's 2087, and lunar nightclub owner Pluto Nash (Murphy) gets unwittingly caught up in a revolt against an evil Earth corporation that has big plans for taking over the fledgling moon colony. It's not long before Pluto becomes a sort of futuristic Patrick Henry, leading the lunar independence movement. RATED: PG-13

Blue Crush

Woe to the man, woman or child who gets between Anne Marie (Kate Bosworth) and the surf. Having moved to Hawaii to train and compete in the Rip Masters competition, Anne Marie is up at dawn every day riding the waves. When she's not, she's hanging out in her cool beach house with her three similarly surf-enthused roommates. Sparks fly when she meets cute football quarterback Matthew Davis. RATED: PG-13


Almost four hours of made-in-India crazy comedy, Lagaan is set during the British colonial era in a small farming village in central India. The villagers have been suffering a drought, and the colonial tax, or "lagaan," administered by the local rajahs on behalf of the British is causing their poverty to worsen. The villagers go to petition the Rajah but to no avail: there's a cricket match in progress. A wager ensues. Despite all odds -- and all plot summaries -- Ashutosh Gowariker's Lagaan is utterly foreign, genuinely exotic, and for those with the patience, funny and touching. (RP) Rated: PG. At the Met Monday, Aug. 19, Tuesday, Aug. 20 and Friday, Aug. 23.


We're all too familiar with stories of middle-aged men and younger paramours. But Tadpole wreaks a Boylita version of the stereotype, with a fortyish woman (Sigourney Weaver) pursued by a 15-year-old adept (Aaron Stanford) -- who just happens to be her stepson. Stanford is consistently brilliant portraying fixation without becoming overbearing. Plus he's damn cute. Tadpole is a surprising -- and gratifying -- treasure, as slight (and sly) as a wink, as weighty as unrequited infatuation. (RP) RATED: PG-13

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