Bread and Tulips A slight, farcical yet charming daydream of an Italian romantic comedy, Bread and Tulips follows housewife Rosalba (Licia Maglietta) from domestic dreariness to a Venetian daydream. An Italian fantasy through and through, it's endearing, with the message "live now." That's all we have. Nicely directed by Silvio Soldini. (RP) RATED: PG-13

Dragonfly Kevin Costner plays a pediatrician who has just lost his wife (Susanna Thompson) in a tragic bus accident. He tries to lose himself in his work, only to find that his young patients are having remarkably similar near-death experiences, which he believes are somehow related to his wife trying to tell him something from beyond. Kathy Bates plays the neighbor concerned about his sanity. RATED: PG-13

Monsters Ball Set in present day Louisiana, Monsters Ball weaves together the already interconnected stories of a state penitentiary guard (Billy Bob Thornton) and a young black woman (Halle Berry), whose prisoner husband has just been put to death in the electric chair. The two meet, not realizing their connection, and fall in love despite the deep intergenerational racism in Billy Bob's family. RATED: R

Queen of the Damned The success of 1994's Interview with the Vampire led to this simple equation: Anne Rice + movie adaptation = money. In this sequel, the Vampire Lestat (originally played by Tom Cruise, now played by Stuart Townsend) has had enough of life in the shadows and sets out to become a rock star. His music awakens the 6,000-year-old mother of all vampires, Akasha (Aaliyah, who died in a plane crash the day she was scheduled to do some final dubbing work on the film). Akasha sets about taking care of a few pesky revenge errands and then tries to persuade Lestat to rule the earth with her. RATED: R

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