Crocodile Hunter - Fans of the Animal Planet already know all about Steve Irwin. He's the genial, John Denver-esque Aussie often found teasing cranky pit vipers or wrestling willful alligators to the ground. In his big-screen debut, Steve rescues a wild crocodile that turns out to be a top-secret tool of the CIA. What does it do, we wonder? Translate codes? Carry a briefcase? At any rate, expect lots of good old reptilian fun and near misses with those sharp, pointy teeth. RATED: PG

Halloween: Resurrection - Those crazy teens just don't learn. In this installment (the eighth) of the mighty Halloween franchise, a group of kids opt to spend a night in the house once inhabited by serial killer Michael Myers. The plan is to launch a live Internet chat show but it's not long before their server -- and a few of their comrades -- are down. With Tyra Banks, Busta Rhymes and a cameo by Jamie Lee Curtis. RATED: R

My Big Fat Greek Wedding - This Chicago-set, Second City-developed comedy is the slobbo American version of Four Weddings and a Funeral, getting no marks for subtlety but laughs from those of us who can laugh at the idea of an obnoxious ethnic family getting into the marital spirit -- funny Greeks in this case. A hit nationwide, its writer Nia Vardalos plays the plain-Jane live wire bride; John Corbett is her signficantly non-Greek other. Co-produced by Tom Hanks. (RP) RATED: PG

Reign of Fire - TV series vet and director of the X-Files movie, Director Rob Bowman does his best with this allegedly future-set story of ash-coveting hungry dragons who want to burn London's humans to the ground. Leave your watch and cell phone at home; you'll be checking them a lot. With Matthew McConaughey and Christian Bale. (RP) RATED: PG-13

Road to Perdition - Is July too early to talk about Oscar nominations? Not if they concern this 1930s, Chicago-set gangster piece about father-son relationships and dishonor among murderers. Paul Newman plays the boss, Tom Hanks is his major hitman and "adopted" son; newcomer Tyler Hoechlin is Hanks' son, who finds out what Dad does for a living, thereby setting into motion some disastrous situations. Terrifically acted and directed (by Sam Mendes), and brilliantly photographed (by Conrad L. Hall). Very moody, mostly grim, with flashes of humor. (ES) Rated: R

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