Eight-Legged Freaks - You've gotta love a movie that offers shots of great big hairy spiders mauling Airstream trailers in search of the yummy humans inside. A chemical spill makes ordinary arachnids mutate into, well, eight-legged freaks. David Arquette plays the mining engineer who has to rally the town's two-legged freaks into some sort of defense force. With Scarlett Johannson (Ghost World). RATED: PG-13

K-19: The Widowmaker - Harrison Ford is the Russian submarine captain called in to replace captain Liam Neeson when too many things go wrong in their new Cold War-era super sub. But the problem isn't Captain Neeson, it's the defective machinery and green crew, which lead to more serious problems. Kathryn Bigelow's action film is full of tense moments and cool camera shots, but it's too brooding and too bloated. Bad decisions lead to idiotic ones, and even the faux Russian accents become annoying. (ES) RATED: PG-13

Stuart Little 2 - Here I am getting tender over dry-cleaned vermin, but I do love this little mouse. Sweetly calculated, building on the good humor and good will of the first, the 78 minutes of Stuart Little 2 don't have to stress lessons: a three-inch-high critter accepted by his family against the crushing outer world says it all. And there are enough poop jokes to keep adults happy. Hugh Laurie, Geena Davis, Jonathan Lipnicki, Nathan Lane's grumpy-puss Snowbell and Michael J. Fox's Stuart repeat; Melanie Griffith is on hand as Margalo, a finch who teaches Stuart about unrequited longing. And the storybook Manhattan is a glistening treat. Directed by Rob Minkoff. (RP) RATED: PG

& lt;i & Capsule reviews are written by Ed Symkus (ES) and Ray Pride (RP), unless otherwise noted. & lt;/i &

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