Full Frontal - Or, Spaz, Lies and Videotape. Full Frontal may be the most indulgent, pretentious thing I've ever seen or some kind of giddy, larky masterpiece. (It may well be both.) Originally titled How to Survive a Hotel Room Fire, Full Frontal throws together seven people with little in common -- including magazine journalist Julia Roberts, film producer David Duchovny and TV-star-on-the-brink-of-film-stardom Blair Underwood. Playwright Coleman Hough's smart script allows for some high seriocomic notes, including David Hyde Pierce as a writer obsessed with penning a hit screenplay and Catherine Keener as his wife, a HR manager who handles the stress of her marriage by firing people. (RP) Rated: R

Martin Lawrence Live: Runteldat - In recent years, he's been taken into custody for standing in the middle of an L.A. freeway shouting at drivers, he's been in a three-day coma after collapsing on a run while wearing too many layers of clothing and he's been arrested for punching out a fellow nightclub patron. Now, the self-described "bad boy of comedy" is turning these experiences into fodder for his latest stand-up tour. Rated: R

The Master of Disguise - As high as Mike Myers climbs in choice sections of Goldmember, that's how low his Wayne's World partner Dana Carvey embarrassingly falls in this awful, misguided little movie. He plays an idiot of an Italian waiter whose family has for generations practiced secrets of do-gooding disguisery -- blah blah blah. He gets involved when his parents are kidnapped by villain Brent Spiner. There's a hilarious Jaws-related joke 50 minutes in. The rest is downhill. Over bumps. It's not funny. (ES) Rated: PG

Signs - The newest outing from M. Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable) focuses on what some call fact and what others hope is fiction in a story of what happens when crop signs -- the flattening of farm fields into huge, bizarre shapes -- start popping up all over the world. The focus is on a small, troubled family, headed by former reverend Mel Gibson, who experience some terror on their home turf. Much weirdness follows, also some humor, mostly a lot of nerve-wracking. With Joaquin Phoenix. (ES) Rated: PG-13

& lt;i & Capsule reviews are written by Ed Symkus (ES) and Ray Pride (RP), unless otherwise noted. & lt;/i &

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